It’s Monday. Maybe it’s Sunday when you read this.

Here in my time zone, where the lands down under (Australia), and morning calm (Korea), amongst others, have already had breakfast, we’re on it!

Aside from changing your time zone – how else can you get ahead? What gets you motivated, and moving, and in the right mindset to start your day – and your week?

Whether you are focused on boosting your productivity, developing effective learning, growing your cultural intelligence, or like me, combining these all in the process of lifting your voice and living your song – we can all benefit from making the right moves.

Right. Move – both literally, and figuratively – to get things going, take action, and make an impact. But how?

Your morning routine is the best thing I’ve found for setting the course for the day.

Along with time for thinking or meditation, deep reading, and reflecting through writing or journaling, I’ve found that the days when I include some kind of physical movement – anything from gentle stretching to a full workout – are the days when I’m more physically invigorated, in a good mindset, and ready to face the day.

I even sleep better, and this is a great way to keep the week going well.

So, if you haven’t got a morning routine – get started!

Get moving. Get walking, running, or lifting weights.

If you’ve got one – great! Keep doing it. Consistency is so important.

I’ve been using the Johnson and Johnson 7 minute work out app, along with various stretches on certain days.

This ensures that even when weather, my young child, work, or family commitments call, I’m getting the blood pumping, brain cells connected, and my day primed for purposeful productivity.

If you feel like your routine needs a tweak or two, ask yourself the following questions: and feel free to comment below or on social media.

“What am I doing right now, to get started everday?

Do I include some kind of physical movement – from stretching right through to a full blown workout?

Is there anything I can add – whether it’s music, a training partner, an app, or something else – to make it happen?”

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