At work, as in life, I am seeking to apply the Hybrid Consonance concepts: Deep Work, Deliberate Practice, and Cultural Intelligence. In other words, how to choose a more focused study, work and personal life, given the cultural, economic, social, and environmental conditions of our workplaces, families, and communities.

Part of a more focused life is identifying, unlocking, and unleashing High Potential through Holistic High Performance. This involves learning to be more aware, to care, and daring to share.

This Saturday, I’ll be speaking at the Just Learning Conference. My topic is “Harnessing High Potential: Supporting the Emotional Needs of High Potential Learners.” While there is some cross over with research from the gifted and talented education field, I would like to think that many of these principles are applicable no matter whether you are a student, a teacher, or any other professional seeking to upgrade your mindset, your actions, and your results.

Here’s the blurb of my talk. If you are interested, please fill in the following survey to help me create a useful discussion and content.

“Are you frustrated by your students’ untapped potential? Are you curious as to why some students demonstrate great promise but don’t always deliver?*The social and emotional needs of high potential learners may manifest as underperformance, fear of failure, perfectionism, emotional intensity, anxiety, and more.

This workshop draws on research into gifted and talented education while imparting practical strategies, exploring mindsets and mindfulness, and promoting discussion around the needs of our students. Sometimes described as gifted or talented, “High potential learners are not perfect and don’t exist so that we can focus on the ‘less able’ or ‘lower ability’ groups. High potential students need guidance and support, too.” “We don’t expect Olympic athletes to “get there” on their own. Let’s not expect our Olympic learners to “get there” on their own, either.” This workshop is for any educator who wants to be more aware of these issues, learn to care for students’ social and emotional needs, and dares to share their ideas and experiences in harnessing the high potential of our students.”

Here, then, is a brief summary of thoughts drawn from conversations – mostly online – with colleagues and friends.

Be Aware

1. How well do we know ourselves and each other? Across each domain of our lives – spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical; relational at home and vocationally; our hobbies, interests, and more.
2. Aren’t each of us filled with potential – not just the ‘gifted?’
3. How aware are we of our cultural, social, economic, and political environments, or ‘bubbles’ – the forces visible and invisible that shape not only our individual selves, but also those around us?
4. How consistent are our actions, words, and thoughts with the values, mission, and vision we hold – individually, and collectively?

Learn To Care

1. Are we equipped with the social, emotional, and cultural awareness of our students, clients, customers, and colleagues?
2. Do we know what they want and need in order to develop their full potential?
3. If we are professionals – as educators, in my instance – are we investing in training and development in caring for the needs of our students?

Dare To Share

1. Are we humble enough to admit we don’t have all the answers?
2. Are we courageous enough to reach out to others for help – for others, and for ourselves?
3. Are we vulnerable enough to share our own stories of ‘underachievement, failure, and untapped potential’ – either with students as appropriate, colleagues, or other professionals?

Read more about this topic here on my post “High Potential: Mindset, Motion, and Mentoring. “

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