You breathe, right?

Why, yes, me too! 🙂

It’s essential to life. Everyone’s doing it.

But really, how often do you stop to notice your breath?

Beware Be Aware of your Breath.

Recently, my breathing has not been deep and replenishing. Stress from the various tasks and demands on my life has affected me. It’s definitely affected my productivity – at home and at work.

Being aware of your breath is like taking your temperature. It’s a quick and easy way to check your stress levels. Indeed, it’s even quicker than pulling out a thermometer!

Beware! Stress, anxiety, and worry are among the top contributors to diminished performance, ill health, and disease.

Your respiratory system is the part of you that draws vital oxygen into your body – and expels waste air. Of the two actions, breathing in or inhalation is important, but breathing out or exhalation is perhaps more so.

It’s like that other bodily function – going to the loo/bathroom/toilet/lavatory [read more about Cultural Intelligence in upcoming posts]. Expelling waste is vital if you’re going to input the good stuff – whether that’s oxygen, nutrients, or even thoughts.

Are you aware of your breath?

Slow Down

So I’d invite you to slow down. Right now. Begin to notice your breath.

(I’d written ‘stop‘ instead of ‘slow down‘. But that made me stop breathing. I didn’t want you to do that, too!)

How deeply are you breathing? How fast – or slow?

Stop Slow down as often as you can, throughout your day. Check your breathing.

And if, like me, you feel you are not able to slow down to check – begin by focusing your attention on your body and it’s breathing.

Think of it as glancing at your car’s dashboard. Or your wifi signal on your phone. Definitely, think of it as glancing at your battery levels.

In fact, I’d dare say, it’s a whole lot more important than checking if you have wifi or battery!

Wouldn’t you agree?

Now, go.


Inhale, and exhale.





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