The Best Way to Get Started on Monday? Move.

We’ve lost our sense of time and space in these all-too sedentary times. We slouch on the couch or hunch over our phones checking the bunch of things our friends ate for lunch.

Get moving! Do starjumps, if nothing else.

On my really bad days of no exercise, even a set of pushups or starjumps is better than nothing.

Of course, a full regime of exercise is better. I do like a long run, or using the Johnson and Johnson 7 minute workout app (I like the 24-minute full workout – 3 circuits).

This may be my shortest post yet – but I’ve been inspired by Seth.

He writes pretty much every day and he keeps it pretty short and sharp. I like it.

Maybe you will too.

Seth Godin has published literally thousands of posts on his blog.

Just Google ‘Seth’ and you’ll see.

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