I started this blog with the aim of clarifying my thinking, acting on my desire to publish, contributing to significant conversations, and building up a body of work for future use.

More recently, I’ve been challenged to create value for people, my audience, my readers. If you’re reading this, that’s you.

As I work out where to fix my focus, and as I realign my goals, vision, values, and mission, I am clearer than before about one thing.

Voices Lifted

My call.

I am called to make music.

And, I am called to educate.

For now, that’s in the classroom, in my school, in my job.

Anything beyond that will come in due time.

Expect to see some changes here on the blog.


I’m not entirely sure how much will change. However, with my call to make music through education becoming clearer, expect a clearer focus on those two aspects as they relate to my professional and personal life.

What about Hybrid Consonance – Holistic High-Performance Habits and Mindset? What about Cultural Intelligence, Deep Work, and Deliberate Practice?

Well, more than ever before, I have a definite context in which to write about, apply, and share these ideas.

I’m a musician. I’m a professional educator. And, lately, I’ve become a writer.

Hybrid Consonance

I’ll continue to focus more and more on writing about applying my call as a professional music educator, including the holistic high-performance habits mentioned above.

What about you? What is your call?

What will you focus on, now? Today – in this moment? And where might that take you – a day from now, a year from now, a lifetime from now?

And how will you get there? Will you need to learn about, develop, and apply the principles of holistic high performance? These include – but are certainly not limited to – cultural intelligence, deep work, and deliberate practice.

I put it like this – I am called to:

  1. Write my story.
  2. Lift my voice.
  3. Live my song.

What are you called to?

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