You have a story, a voice, and a song.

‘The musician must make his life a great song’ 

– J.S. Bach, 1685 – 1750.

If your life is a song, what kind of song is it? Is it really your song? Would it start a party or ruin the mood?

Too often, mine was ruining the mood, not to mention my relationships, results, and rewards.

I’m still not there yet – just ask those who know me. But I’m working on it.

That’s what this is about.

Seeking consonance, balance, coherence out of the mixed bits of my life. Making sense of the blend of people, ideas, and experiences that have shaped me – and many of you.

East and west, local and global, foreign and domestic.

Exploring Indonesian gamelan in Malaysia, 2011.

Hybrid: hy·brid /ˈhīˌbrid/ adjective

Of mixed character; composed of mixed parts.

Blend, mix, potpouri.

Consonance: con·so·nance /ˈkänsənəns/ noun

Agreement or compatibility between opinions or actions.

Unity, balance, harmony, coordination, concord, coherence.

Antonyms: disunity, dissonance, discord, incoherence.

If you are anything like me, you are made up of mixed influences. That might be due to your family, upbringing, school, or job. Human be-ing is all the more challenging when trying to figure out the competing voices. No wonder doing and choosing is a challenge!

Hybrid Consonance is about our stories, voices, and songs. Like an epic musical record, rock opera, or grand oratorio, it records the tension of life, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Read stories of victory and struggle. Hear voices of success and suffering. Learn about lives of significance – and mediocrity. Speaking of lives…

How is your life? What is your song?

Hybrid Consonance: Holistic High Performance

I write about holistic high performance, including deep work and deliberate practice: growing talent – even and especially when you don’t think you have any; and cultivating cultural intelligence: developing the intercultural smarts required of today’s global workforce.

For you to succeed at work and life – including leaving a significant legacy – you need to ask the right questions, find the right answers, and take consistent action over time.

It all boils down to the right actions at the right time. Consistent, focused, effort.

The right mindset coupled with effective practice habits is unstoppable.

Inventor Thomas Edison put it this way:

“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”

Inspiration and Perspiration

Again, J.S. Bach:

‘To write great music, the musician must make his life a great song. … Ceaseless work, analysis, reflection, writing much, endless self-correction, that is my secret.

Together, I call this Hybrid Consonance. It’s the forming of beautiful harmony out of two different voices. My biology, or less strangely speaking, my genes are a hybrid of east and west; while my life’s work to date has been teaching music –  more recently through the human voice.

You’ll learn about key concepts that I and many others have used to unlock potential, unleash motivation, and cultivate extraordinary growth.

You’ll also get to hear from my insights as a professional educator and a family man. Read more about me here.

Who am I?

East and West. Sound and silence.

Time and place. Here and now.

Hybrid Consonance.

Born in South East Asia with a blend of Oriental and Occidental (that’d be Eastern and Western) heritage, I’m inherently fascinated by the people, ideas, and sounds of this diverse world. Out of the multitude of voices, I’m finding my own – as a music educator and just as importantly, a human. Join me on the journey!

I seek harmony and consonance musically, spiritually, and vocationally, even in the face of – and especially – when confronted by difference, division, and disagreement.

Lift, Live, Write

Want to join me?


Lift Your Voice, Write Your Story, and Live Your Song!

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Read my story – on dissonance, dissatisfaction, and why I thought I’d never, ever, be a teacher (I’ve been once since 2006!).

Read my blog – where I share practical tips, useful tools, and more importantly, the kinds of mindsets and habits for success and significance.

Write your song: develop your mindset, grow your habits. Live life!

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Hybrid Consonance:


synonyms: agreement, concord, accord, accordance, harmony, unison, conformity.

MUSIC: consonance: a combination of notes which are in harmony with each other due to the relationship between their frequencies.

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