High Potential: Mindset, Motion, and Mentoring

Potential - noun: the presence of unrealized ability, skill, or knowledge that, if unleashed, would change events, situations, circumstances, people, lives, families, communities, national, epochs, and, indeed, the world. Related to potent - meaning powerful, strong, efficacious, able to effect change, able to affect strongly etc. Are you potent? Do you possess potential? Or have … Continue reading High Potential: Mindset, Motion, and Mentoring

Words Are Powerful – So Is Your Voice!

“Words are powerful… so is your voice.” These are the opening lyrics to a song I wrote with my students. We were inspired by comments made in the classroom. I had been troubled by the impact of certain comments. Teasing and light-hearted banter may be frequent in social settings - and in any context, let … Continue reading Words Are Powerful – So Is Your Voice!

I Want To Move It

What gets you motivated, and moving, and in the right mindset to start your day - and your week? Whether you are focused on boosting your productivity, developing effective learning, growing your cultural intelligence, or like me, combining these all in the process of lifting your voice and living your song - we can all benefit from making the right moves.