Why We Must Sing Better Songs: A Manifesto, Part I

I believe we must sing better songs, because everybody wins when everybody sings.

Great songs combine lyric and melody in a potent, memorable package. Sung together with others, they have the potential to create an unforgettable experience for all involved. Singing together creates bonds, cements memory, and encodes meaning. Putting words and music to voice is a powerful experience. When people sing together, they do so to celebrate, to commemorate, to create, and to declare – this we believe, this we are, and this we will be.

Life itself is a song, and singing better songs is more than melody, and longer lasting than lyrics – it’s a physical, social, emotional, and organizational phenomenon that impacts people, tribes, cultures, and generations. More than mere music, it is about making things better by making better things.

Read the rest of Part I by clicking here.

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