Hybrid Consonance

East and West. Sound and silence.

Time and place. Here and now.

Hybrid Consonance.

Born in South East Asia with a blend of Oriental and Occidental (that’d be Eastern and Western) heritage, I’m inherently fascinated by the people, ideas, and sounds of this diverse world. Out of the multitude of voices, I’m finding my own – as a music educator and just as importantly, a human. Come with me on the journey!

I’ll be writing book reviews about developing high-performance skills and sharing the key concepts that drive my work as an educator and life as a family man. These include deliberate practice: growing talent even and especially when you don’t think you have any; and cultural intelligence: cultivating the seldom talked about street smarts required of today’s global workforce.

Together, I call this Hybrid Consonance. It’s the forming of beautiful harmony out of two different voices. My biology, or less strangely speaking, my genes are a hybrid of east and west; while my life’s work to date has been teaching music –  more recently through the human voice.

I seek harmony and consonance musically, spiritually, and vocationally, even in the face of – and especially – when confronted by difference, division, and disagreement.

Hybrid Consonance:

Hybrid: hy·brid /ˈhīˌbrid/ adjective
of mixed character; composed of mixed parts.

Consonance: con·so·nance /ˈkänsənəns/ noun

agreement or compatibility between opinions or actions.
“consonance between conservation measures and existing agricultural practice”
synonyms: agreement, concord, accord, accordance, harmony, unison, conformity;
a combination of notes which are in harmony with each other due to the relationship between their frequencies.