I am Justin, and I love learning.

And there’s almost nothing better than helping others learn!

For well over a decade I’ve taught music, sharing my knowledge and experience of listening, singing, creating, and playing.

Amongst other influences, I draw on insights from the arts, business, leadership, and of course, education.

The arts and especially music have been a part of my life since I was a child.

Business is an area I’m growing in experience, having been in an entrepreneurs’ mastermind and always enjoying conversations with business owners and managers.

Education, of course, has been my ‘bread and butter’ over the years.

I believe everyone is a leader in some way, shape, or form. If you have influence in a place, that makes you a leader. So it’s in our best interests to develop leadership skills.


The Joy of the “Aha!”: Teaching and Learning

One of the simple joys in life is the ‘aha!’ moment. Whether experiencing it myself, or seeing students have their own, it’s a win! No matter which side of the pedagogy (how to teach) debate you’re on, I hope you’ll agree the litmus tests can be “Have our students learned? Have they learned to love learning?” I believe teaching and learning is knowledge and inquiry, didactics and discovery.

I have always loved learning, so it is a privilege to help others do the same.

“To teach is to learn twice” – Joseph Joubert

“To learn is a delight, to teach is a privilege!” – an excited teacher

Brass instruments have been a big part of my musical life, and so have songs and singing.

Music and Life Through Song

I believe Singing Better Songs Helps Everybody Win: When Everybody Sings For Joy. This has literal and figurative meaning. Good singing is important and achievable, and so is good living. Think of the expressions, “singing from the same page” and “to sing someone’s praise.”

I’m also a husband and father – the best jobs in the world!

“I am a good musician, I practise repetition.
I listen, sing, compose, and play, getting better every day!”

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Singing Better Songs Helps Everybody Win: When Everybody Sings For Joy.

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