“I am a good musician,

I practice repetition.

I listen, sing, compose, and play,

Getting better, everyday.”

I composed this little ditty a few months ago. All my students – at least, those above the age of 7 – know this by heart.

There are several gems of importance here.

  1. I get better through practice.
  2. What kind? Using repetition. There are whole sites dedicated to what kind of repetition and under what conditions.
  3. What do I do? Listen – focused input. Sing – focused output using your own instrument, the human voice. Compose – reading and writing music, or indeed, creating original material. Play – (re)create music on an instrument.
  4. I do this, everyday.

Each of these aspects deserves it’s own post.

Each aspect can be expanded upon beyond music.

Can you see the links? Comment below or join the conversation on Twitter and beyond.

More to come.

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